Our Y3 boys have enjoyed some fun and, at times, tasty lessons recently.

In science, the boys have been exploring the topic of insulation. Last week, they predicted which material would be the best insulator and then experimented with different materials wrapped around test tubes.

“We were really good at reading thermometers and even drew a line graph of our results!”

Y3 boy

This week they continued their scientific experiments, looking at the effect of layers on insulation. Which would melt most – an ice cube not wrapped in any layers, an ice cube wrapped in one layer of kitchen towel or one wrapped in two? After waiting 30 minutes, they revealed their ice cubes and were astonished to see that the ice cube in the two layers had stayed pretty much whole as the paper towel had kept it insulated and cold!

Meanwhile, in maths, fractions became fun with the addition of chocolate smarties. Using the colourful sweets the boys worked out denominators and numerators. And at the end, as a tasty treat for all their excellent work, the boys got to eat a few too  – yum!

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