Do you ever suffer from writer’s block or suffer from essay procrastination?

A new lunch-time club, aptly named, ‘Shut Up and Write’ has been set up by English Teacher Miss Betterton to help pupils overcome this very common condition. The idea is quite simple; a group of pupils, each with an essay or piece of writing to do, converge en masse. House rules are set, for example, all distractions such as phones, email, etc. must be put away or turned off. After some initial socialising it is time to write and everyone must observe the quiet and, quite literally, shut up and write. Pupils write in short, sharp ‘sprints’ with a small break given every 15 minutes or so to re-energise.

The system works because participants make a commitment to themselves that they will write at a set time, and the mental support of others helps one to focus and stay the distance.  

Miss Betterton told us, “I am part of a similar group at my university and so I wanted to provide students with a place where they could be creative with their writing. The collective nature of this group is supposed to help productivity rather than hinder it, as everyone sets out their goals at the beginning and then reflects at the end of the session.”

The club is proving popular with A-Level English students, and some staff members are joining the session too.


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