Congratulations to the seven Upper Sixth boys who recently participated in the British Physics Olympiad ‘Physics Challenge’. Impressively, three of them achieved scores ranking them amongst the top students in the country.

Harilaos Karavaggelis, Max Sogan, Harry Dowrick, Vivaan Singh, Sam Lee, German Nikolishin and Tony Zhang were amongst 4,000 students from across the UK who completed the challenge, which is organised by the Department of Physics at Oxford University.

On Friday 13 November, the boys completed the next stage, ‘Round 1’, which involved sitting a two hour and 45 minute test.  

The Physics Olympiad aims to encourage the study of physics and to recognise excellence in young physicists through a number of competitions throughout the year. It is based around the Y13 curriculum but it is designed to develop problem solving skills and develop a deeper understanding of the ideas and applications of physics.

Harry Dowrick said the whole process had been a great experience as well as a big help in putting together his Oxbridge application.

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