One weekend in June saw two DVP events take place, at opposite ends of the UK!

A superb lunch was enjoyed at the Annandale Arms, Moffat, for the southern Scotland and Northern England area, arranged by DVP Alastair Harding. They returned to Moffat after last year’s relocation to Edinburgh. Attendees, pictured left to right, were: Peter (54-59) and Nicola Laws, Phil Appleby (71-76), Sylvia MacLeod, Alastair (68-73) and Deborah Harding, John MacLeod (53-59) and Kathryn and Martin (66-69) MacPherson-Lawley.

There was much reminiscing, amongst the other conversations, regarding unforgettable characters and vignette of escapades and the good old “bad old” days. We aren't saying who held the record for beatings! An excellent event and we look forward to next year.

The annual London District party hosted by Christopher (72-77) and Rosemarie Jones at their home in Clapham was held on Saturday 20th June. A brief downpour kept the group inside for part of the evening but the wine flowed and OBs from several generations delighted in lively conversation and exchanging reminiscences of their school days. Although advertised as drinks between 6.30 and 9.30 pm a small group departed in the early hours!

Next year the party will be held on Saturday 11th June. Should any OBs and their partners wish to attend please contact Christopher Jones by email at or by telephone on 020 8673 7618 / 07899 061990.


Thank you to our DVPs who arrange and host regional events. You can find out who the DVP for your area is here and see all upcoming event here.

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