It was a dream come true for 54 of our Y5 boys when they enjoyed the unique experience of exploring London’s Science Museum after hours on Saturday 8 February.

Medicine was the theme for this year’s brilliant Astronight sleepover in the museum’s newly opened exhibit – Medicine: The Welcome Galleries. During the fun-filled evening, the boys listened to a fascinating lecture given by a transplant surgeon in which he outlined the current procedures involving robots and 3D printing. Afterwards, the surgeon complimented the boys on their questions, which he likened to first-year medical students! 

The boys also had a great time creating some fake wounds on each other using the very realistic make-up used in films. They also used their skills to bandage Mr Affleck and each other! So please do not be alarmed by the photos below – no children or teachers were harmed during the trip!  

On Sunday morning, after a fun session in the Wonderlab gallery and a trip to the museum gift shop, the boys ventured outside into Storm Ciara to board the bus back to Bedford, which, fortunately, proved uneventful!

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