We are delighted to announce that the proposed modernisation of the Science Department has now been completed, with the second stage of the development finished as planned in time for the new academic year.

Commencing in September 2013 and phased over three years, the project has seen twelve laboratories and classrooms within the Science Department refurbished, along with the installation of a passenger lift, to create a superior learning environment. The rooms have been upgraded in a manner which both respects the history of the Departments, yet updates them with high quality fittings to reflect the needs of 21st Century pupils and staff, inspiring the boys both now and for many years to come.

Not content with revamping the interior of the science block, a separate programme aimed at enhancing the exterior is now taking place too. The latest stage of which involved cleaning the stonework on the main elevations and replacing the stone steps. Redecoration of the bulding’s windows is now planned for the spring, ensuring that by Summer 2016, the Science Department will have been entirely rejuvenated. Bring on the twentieth century!

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