Bedford School boys gathered outside the pavilion on Thursday 22 March for the start of this year’s House Relays. This hotly contended running event saw teams from each house, and across all year groups, run one lap of the estate (approximate 2 kilometres) in unique ‘Bedford School’ style. It was a closely fought battle but in the end St Peter’s stole the show as overall winners. 

The House Relays were immediately followed by the annual charity run, where each house aims to run, and hopefully go over and beyond, 100 laps of the estate between them. This usually equates to approximately two laps each, however this number was far exceeded this year with well over 100 laps completed.  Houses each nominate a charity and whilst all those chosen are of course extremely worthy, this year Paulo Pontine and St Peter’s decided to join forces and chose a charity close to their hearts: Cancer Research. This was suggested by Remove Former Ben Barnes because his tutor Mrs Jeanette Beale is currently away from school undergoing treatment for cancer. So far they have raised over £2,250 and the money is still coming in.

Both events were tackled with the boys’ usual gusto and enthusiasm, and a fabulous time was had by all. 

If you would like to donate and support the boys in their fundraising, you can do so here. 


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