The Radley fixture on Saturday was certainly not as one sided as the 4:14 win to loss ratio would suggest.  All the top game matches were close, many coming down to just a few points.  The 3rd XV, who have been impressive all season, unfortunately fell just five points short after staging an impressive comeback from being 24-5 down.  In fact, slow starts seemed to be the order of the day for Bedford and many of the teams found themselves having to stage second half fight backs.

The only comfortable win for Bedford was the 1st XV.  They could have been forgiven for suffering from a hangover after their bruising semi-final victory in the Champions Trophy on Wednesday.  However, they were comfortable in control of the game, only letting Radley in for a consolation score with the final play.  There was opportunity for players to gain more first team experience and Ed Johnson certainly stepped up to the mark with good performance.  All players called up for the fixture fitted into the system well and were able to move the ball around with success in tough conditions.  The 2nd XV had a much needed win and will hopefully take confidence from their performance.

The U16 A team ground out a win whilst the U16B team fell just short.  The U16C team produced one of the best defensive displays ever seen by Mr Holt at that level to nil a physical Radley team in the second half.

The U15 teams will be disappointed with their results but not their performances, some big wins are surely threatening.

The U14A team put together a much improved and gritty performance to come out close 12-10 winners.  It was nice to finally see a tight game come out in Bedford’s favour.   The U14 B team performance is also moving in the right direction and it was great to put out an U14E team meaning all boys available in the rugby programme were playing on Saturday.

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