21 U16 and
56 U18 Bedford boys headed to Heidelberg, Germany, for a week-long pre-season
rugby training camp in August.  

The boys immaculate
full board youth hostel had rugby pitches right outside the back door and a
huge open air swimming pool just around the corner; a
perfect venue for a training camp. Following some tough training
sessions it was also great to have the opportunity to spend a couple of hours
relaxing and taking in the sights of the beautiful city.

Boys showed
huge commitment to come on the camp, particularly those who flew in on their
own from holidays or homes abroad to be part of it.  Every one of the
77 boys focused on improving as a rugby player both individually and

The U18s
played a competitive match against a regional representative team
(bolstered by a rotation of Bedford Boys) on the Tuesday evening and it was a
great opportunity for them to put into practice what they had learnt in the
short time leading up to the game.

As the
luggage of three of the U18 boys went on a world tour, spirits weren’t
dampened.  On the contrary, the more fortunate boys helped out with
what available kit they had.  Only out of necessity did the
three boys accept the ‘highly fashionable’ clothes bought for them by
Mr Braithwaite and Mr Guest.

The boys
bonded well and this was evident in the way they trained.  The development
of skill and game understanding by the entire squad was far greater
than the coaches could have ever imagined, testament to the boys’ commitment.

commitment was echoed in the swimming pool, in particular the diving pit. Some
of the earth shuddering smacks on the water from a production line of over or
under rotated somersaults could be heard across Heidelberg.

Overall a
highly successful and enjoyable week of rugby training and hopefully the fruits
of everyone’s labour will be evident in the new rugby season.

(I would
like to thank all the boys on the trip for their effort and conduct
and the staff who gave up their time to help organise and run such a
successful trip.)

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