This year, the 2nd game teams set the standard with their impressive win ratio.  The U14 C and D teams led the way with unbeaten records, a clear demonstration of the positive culture and commitment throughout the Rugby Club.  Pleasingly, with the strength in depth of the U14 teams this year, there were enough boys to continue an U14 E team after the October half term.  They had three more fixtures and were highly competitive against the big boarding schools who can boast more than five teams.  They only lost to Harrow and that was by an agonising two points.

The 1st XV had a mixed campaign, although still had more victories than losses.  Highlights were the performances against Dulwich College where fast flowing and expansive rugby put the XV out of sight in the 1st half and Abingdon in the final game of the season, where all their hard work came together to treat those watching with scintillating attacking rugby and a committed defensive effort.  Throughout the season, the XV continued to play a highly entertaining brand of rugby as recognised by many OBs who returned to show their support of the school. A true testament to the culture of the Rugby Club was evidenced by George Seward’s actions post injury where gave up his time to help coach the U14 A side. The time and effort he put into it made a genuine impact on the side’s development and showed he has the makings of an impressive coach. 

The U15 A and B teams demonstrated a 23% improvement in win ratio from the previous season.  Indication of genuine development in a tough campaign; an exciting future lies ahead for this group of players.  In fact, the entire U15 group had an impressive season with the U15 C and D teams only losing 5 games between them.  All teams exhibited tremendous resilience, often against the odds.

A demonstration of the inclusiveness of the Rugby Club is no more apparent than with the U16 teams.  A number of boys new to the school and to rugby were selected each week for the U16 D team.  It was a challenging season for them but a great experience none-the-less as the boys played with full commitment and real progress was made.  The U16 A team faced uncharacteristically strong opposition across the board but still produced quite brilliant expansive rugby to beat the much-fancied Uppingham and Warwick teams.

Summary of results, per cent win 1st XV – 64%. 2nd XV – 30%. 3rd XV – 56%. 4th XV – 30%. 5th XV – 14%.  U16A – 33%.  U16B –  67%. U16C – 70%.  U16D – 0%. U15A – 56%.  U15B – 80%.  U15C – 80%.  U15D – 88%.  U14A – 80%. U14B – 36%.  U14C – 88%.  U14D – 100%.  U14E – 66.7%.  Overall: Played, 169, Won 99, Drawn 2, Lost 68, Win = 59%

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