and staff from the Geography department visited the Royal Geography Society
(RGS), London, on Monday the 9th of November where we listened to a live
lecture/debate on whether or not the UK was “Ready for Impact”.

initial topic to tackle at hand was climate change in the UK and how that
affects our current protection systems. Following this, they shortly talked
about whether or not we as a country should put more development into our
current defences and put more research into the systems e.g. a new Thames flood
barrier. Then they came to the decision that “those who are affected most
contribute the least” as small islands in Indonesia and other East Asian
islands were at great risk of being completely inundated. After this, a new
speaker came up and explained her views on how a community can pull together to
help decrease emissions such as the transition in Black Isle in the Scottish
Highlands where the aim was to reduce the usage of cars by 1,000,000 miles in
three years. The community at Black Isle not only met their target but exceeded
it by 300,000 miles and encouraged people to cycle as a substitute to driving.
Finally, the lecture ended with a debate which was shortly followed by a

the debate was extremely interesting as the panel of four speakers voiced their
opinions on why CO2 emissions weren’t lowering by much, despite
adaptions in communities and different ways of producing energy safely with as
little damage to the environment as possible.

This is
my first lecture with the Geography department in Lower Sixth and I hope that
it is the first of many to come.

by Jordan Cheng, L6 geographer

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