We may have enjoyed glorious sunshine here in the UK, however a group of boys from our Rowing Club experienced an Easter with weather that you would normally associate with Christmas!

Lake Sarnen, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps and surrounded by white-tipped mountains and emerald-green waters, is known for its stunning scenery. With wide waters as smooth and reflective as a polished mirror, the destination is a real treat for oarsmen to train on, as our senior and colt rowers discovered when they spent a week-long rowing camp there over the holidays.

As well as honing their rowing technique, ramping up stamina, trying out new combinations and practising their small boat skills, they were also lucky enough to receive a coaching session from Marty Aitken, former Swiss and GB Olympic coach, who shared his experience and wisdom with them.

The traditional ‘Crosbie Pairs’ race was held, a race which has been contested at Bedford School since 1871, and some seriously good balance was demonstrated during a ‘boat core’ session.

As the week progressed, the weather took a turn for the worse, and while the snow fall was beautiful, even the toughest of rowers started to feel the cold. After an unforgettable week, the boys headed back to the sunnier climes of England prepared and primed for the summer of racing.

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