Forty boys attended the annual four-day rowing training camp at Pangbourne College during half term, and the trip did not disappoint!

Blessed with sunny skies and calm water, the boys from Junior15s, Colts and Seniors took to the waters to improve their technique and build on their fitness.

The Boat Club at Pangbourne College is located on a wide, six-kilometre stretch of the River Thames. With their outstanding training facilities, the college provides an ideal venue for the boys to spend quality time together as a team. Boat types were mixed, with eights, fours and double sculls, and what is always beneficial about the timing of this training camp, is that it gives those boys who are doing rugby for the term, the opportunity to get back into rowing-shape after a long spell off.

Accommodation for the trip was spent in a local youth hostel, which in itself provides a great opportunity for the boys to build on their teamwork. George Christian in the Upper Sixth, gave a talk on nutrition one evening, to raise the awareness of sugar in our diets. In fact, the boys were responsible for buying their own lunches, and close scrutiny (albeit done in jest), was made to their choices. For some, their choices were very different the next day!

There’s lots to come in the rowing calendar, watch this space for updates. 

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