Next week, the Rosslyn Park National Schools’ Sevens Tournament will take place. From its humble beginnings in 1939, it has now grown to be the world’s largest rugby tournament. This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the School winning the U18 competition in 1978 and we are delighted that this squad, along with their coach, Alan Thorp, will be meeting up for a reunion later in the year. Bedford won the tournament with a convincing victory (28-0) over Plymouth in the final. Below, you’ll see the photo of the victorious 1978 team; the haircuts reflect the style at the time, but we are not sure in some cases that they complied with the School rules!

1978 could be described as a vintage year for sport at the School as, in addition to the victory at Rosslyn Park, the 1st VIII also beat Shrewsbury to win the Special Race for Schools at the Henley Royal Regatta, with a number of boys taking part in both competitions. We are delighted that the 1978 1st VIII and other oarsmen from this period have also decided to have a reunion later this year to coincide with the Henley Royal Regatta and the Old Bedfordians Club “At Home” on Speech Day. A number will be making the trip from overseas which is a fantastic effort and says a lot about what the School means to them, and the memories they share with their contemporaries.

Back row: Alan Thorp (staff 70-02), Paul Stearns (74-78), Peter Farmer-Wright (69-78), Nigel Underwood (74-78), Bob Palmer (68-78), Niall Beazley (69-78), Simon Bradshaw (73-78), Referee – Front row: Boz Shannon (69-78), Robin Boyd-Moss (73-78), Roddy Caxton-Spencer (73-78)


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