summer term saw Mr Graham Woollard from ‘Portals to the Past’ visit Bedford School
to give a fascinating talk to the Year 6 on ‘Rocks and fossils’. Aided by his
army of dino-models and incredible fossilised artefacts, Mr Wollard inspired
further understanding and interest from the boys, who described the morning as
‘fantastic’, ‘amazing’ and ‘great fun’. 

presentation included many fossils; from stromatolites (3000 million year old
plants) to megladon sharks teeth. He helped the boys with their understanding
of the creation of the earth and went on to discuss the time of the dinosaurs.
His other models included menacing lizards and vicious velociraptors, proving
that whilst the dinosaurs themselves may be extinct, curiosity and a thirst for
understanding these intriguing creatures certainly isn’t. 


thought the talk was really good because you got to hold and touch really old

– Joey Robinson 6V


thought I may be really inspired to be a palaeontologist, as I was so
interested in the talk. The thought that woolly mammoths may be cloned back to
life again, will be exciting!”

– James Deardon 6V


“This was
a fantastic talk to help us understand a bit more about dinosaurs and fossils. The
talk was interactive, which was good as we could go round and find out
information and touch the fossils.”
Jonatahn Huggins 6V


“I found
the Dinosaur egg (Hadrosaur) interesting because an x-ray had shown evidence of
the little bones inside the egg, showing that a baby dinosaur was inside.”
– Michael McCormack 6V


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