Five members of the school’s Robotics Club stepped up to the arena over the Easter break to compete in the national Students Robotics competition.

Bedford School Team
Artur Prets and Matthew Lewis – programming
Paul Whalley – assembly, tactics and design
Thomas Pelling and Henry Shaw – tactical strategy and design

The highly popular competition attracted 45 teams from across the country for the two-day event at Newbury Racecourse. Unfortunately, Bedford’s robot had a few teething problems and at the end of Day One the team sat fortieth out of 45, which was very disappointing for the boys. However, the boys didn’t give up and they figured out and fixed the issue affecting their robot.  

The boys entered Day Two with renewed enthusiasm and during the course of the morning, in which the league games determined seeding positions for the knockout tournament, Bedford started to do much better. In fact, at one point the boys won four races in a row, amassing maximum league points in all of those matches, climbing the leader board to fifteenth and sitting tenth in competition points. Bedford were on an upward trajectory and other teams started to take note of the team’s dominance in the arena.   

The boys finished the league games with a mid-class seeding and were pitted against two teams, one who finished ahead of them in the league and another who had finished last with no points in the first day and half. Unfortunately, the second team’s robot went rogue in the knockout race and set off in a straight line, careering straight into the side of the Bedford robot, rendering it motionless and leaving it with a broken camera. With no way of seeing around the arena, the team were destined to finish third and were knocked out. 

Whilst disappointed with the final result, the boys enjoyed an incredible two days of competition. We were highly impressed with their dedication, perseverance and great sportsmanship. They were excellent ambassadors for the school.


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