The Remove Form geography cohort headed to the Isle of Purbeck for a three-day residential fieldtrip on Saturday 13th June.

The main aim of the trip was to gain data for their coursework, which involved assessing whether Swanage is a honeypot site. Whilst there was excellent information gained, the sunshine and presence of ice cream and chip shops certainly made the experience more enjoyable for staff and boys alike! Most of the people there were very accommodating and provided many anecdotes for the boys taking questionnaires in particular.

Given that the Isle of Purbeck is famed for its amazing scenery and geology the department always makes it a priority to visit other sites of interest. The first night saw a visit to the beautiful Lulworth Cove which was stunning in the evening light with its crystal blue waters. The second day saw up close study of cliff collapse on Swanage Beach and a hike up the beautiful Ballard Down to see the world famous Old Harry's Rock formation. The final day took the lads to Studland Bay to get up close and personal with the sand dunes and their wildlife, including a carnivorous plant.

The geography department also always try to engage with their surroundings through the geography running club, who had a beautiful morning run on the sand, hurdling groynes on Swanage Bay on the second morning and then those who were more intrepid valiantly took on Ballard Down and won, gaining some excellent views of Old Harry's Rock, before breakfast no less!

As ever, the boys had a fantastic time and left both enthused about the scenery and the hands on learning, and equipped to do some excellent coursework projects. The trip always enhances understanding of the GCSE coasts and tourism modules and often inspires pupils to pursue their geography further. No doubt this will be the case again!

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