When we heard that there were recorder ninjas in the Prep School, we just had to pop down to take a look.

The idea is simple but fun: boys work through a series of songs that get progressively more difficult, learning new notes and how to read music as they go. Each time they successfully master a song they are awarded a belt for their recorder and a certificate of achievement. As the boys complete their levels of training they move from recorder karate (white and yellow belt) to recorder taekwondo (orange belt and above). Once they have passed their purple belts they also have the chance to join the advanced ninja group, the ‘best recorder ensemble in the school’! We have 50 boys enthusiastically taking part in the program at present and two black belts already this year!

This fun program is certainly proving a great way to further motivate the boys (they are always very enthusiastic), and the pride and joy they experience when they achieve their belts is wonderful to witness. Keep up the training boys!

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