There is simply no better way to wrap up a half term than with House Singing. Over 400 voices soaring with passion and pride in the Great Hall as the boys compete for the coveted Unison and Part Song Cups. 

This event, one of our highlights of the year, is the culmination of many months of practice and hard work, and, as ever, the result was breathtaking.  

After a nail-biting wait, which was entertainingly filled by Mr Roberts, this year’s adjudicator Cassandra White Director of Music at Heath Mount School returned to the stage to make the all-important announcements.  

The decision, as ever, was “not an easy one”, and Mrs White took time to praise everyone’s performances.


Unison – “Lovely dynamic sound”

Part Song – “Very moving performance”


Unison – “Great energy”

Part Song – “Sublime opening soloist . . . amazing vocal range”

Unison – “Engaging”
Part song – “Great crescendo”


Unison – “Expressive . . . sense of joy”

Part song – “Beautifully expressive”

However, this year it was the turn of Whitbread to win the Unison Cup, who impressed Mrs White with their ‘Friends’ medley, and the Part Song Cup was lifted by Howard who performed True Colours. Second place went to Bunyan in the Unison and Harpur in the part song.

“House Singing is, without a doubt, the best embodiment of the school spirit. The boys throw themselves into the competition, and it is an absolute pleasure to listen to them. A great thank you to them for providing us with such amazing entertainment.”

Ian Silk, Headmaster
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