We were thrilled to hear that Lower Sixth Former Rahul Sheemar received high praise from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University, following his recent entry to the Languages and Linguistics Essay Competition.

While Rahul’s essay did not win, to receive such complimentary feedback, especially when feedback from Corpus Christi on individual entries is almost unheard of, is testament to the hard work and skill that went into his entry.

Rahul’s 2,500-word essay, which was on the subject of machines such as Siri and their use of language, was completed in addition to his studies.

Michael Dawson, Teacher of Modern Languages, said, “Rahul is a budding academic and an excellent linguist who hopes to read Philosophy and Linguistics at a top university. With this essay, he has taken his first steps into academia. The feedback he received from Corpus Christi is testament to his talent, insight and potential as a scholar.”

Understandably, Rahul was overjoyed with the feedback given. Corpus Christi commented:

‘As a rule feedback is not usually provided to Essay Competition entrants however this year the essay markers have asked that you be sent the following comment on your essay.   

This is an excellent essay! It is written with great clarity, and the structure could be that of an academic paper. The writer defines all terms used, showing a clear understanding of all phenomena discussed.  The essay tackles a wide array of different aspects of language, all exemplified well, culminating in philosophical considerations about language and the mind. The writer has clearly done a lot of reading around the topic, tackling some quite advanced themes, such as Prototype Theory, and using these effectively in the essay.’

Rahul is currently studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) with German, Philosophy and English at Higher Level and Maths, Economics and Biology at Standard Level.

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