On Friday 25th November we were delighted to host a reunion of the Prep School Head Boys in the Erskine May Hall. It was wonderful to see ten of our Prep School Head Boys returning to the school, including Gary Keane (91-98) and Tim Chapman (88-98) who were two of the first three Head Boys, who served for a term each in 1992-93.

The event also marked the unveiling of the Prep School Honours Boards, kindly donated to the school by the Prep Guild. The Prep Guild wanted to record something of the Prep School’s history, so donated boards detailing Prep School Head Boys, Winners of the House Competition, and Prep School Headmasters. The Prep School came into existence in 1992 when The Inky, and the Lower School merged. Many thanks indeed to Prep Guild chair, Andrea Spice, and OB and former Prep Guild member, Steve Lyon (73-84) whose idea it was. Also in attendance were members of the Prep Guild, past and present staff, and this year’s prefects.

To mark what we believe to be a unique occasion, when so many Prep School Head Boys were gathered in one room, Headmaster, Ian Silk, coined a new collective noun for such a gathering, referring to an “Honour of Head Boys”!

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