If you took a quick look around our DT workshops this week, you would have seen them buzzing with activity (as they always are), as our Y5 and Y7 boys learned about new materials and honed their skills.

Our Y5 boys have been busy manufacturing phone amplifiers — a task which requires learning how to measure accurately in millimetres, cutting using a coping saw and filing, all using the planned technical drawings.

For our Y7 boys, it has been a week learning all about metals, and how to work with them. The boys have been using their new-found knowledge and skills to create coat hooks — a task which may sound simple but which is, in fact, no mean feat, requiring accurate measuring, drilling, bending of metal, counter-sinking and cutting using a hack saw! When completed, the boys’ hooks will be sent off to be powder coated for the final finishing touch.

And, as we are almost in the festive season, Y5 and Y7 boys have also recently been turning their hand to creating Christmas decorations for our Prep Christmas tree. More photos will follow when their beautiful and intricate ornaments are hanging proudly on the tree.

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