Our Y5 boys have had a super term, learning all about the history of Action Figures, how they are manufactured and the industrial processes. In lessons, they have also explored development design stages, including designing logos, slogans, figure designs and advertisement ideas. Currently in the manufacturing stage of their work, the boys have been busy creating skeletons of their action figures out of wire and then learning about the different muscles in the body, before using different techniques with masking tape to create authentic figures. The next step in the project is to sculpt their action figures’ features with air-drying clay. In the coming weeks, the boys will be painting their action figures and blister packaging them to present their finished articles. 

Our Y6 boys started the year by recreating and redesigning the McDonalds packaging range and staff uniforms. The boys were challenged to incorporate ‘Education’ into their designs to stimulate learning and educational discussions rather than the increasingly typical use of electronic devices while eating! The boys embraced designing graphic products with a purpose, taking into account the brand’s history and environmental factors. Their work has included the development of numerous designs from slogans to logos, happy meals to staff uniforms to activity mats and even face masks. Not done yet, the boys are set to produce their very own advert using their IT skills and slogans in the coming weeks!

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