Remote Learning Instructions for Upper School Boys

Principles of Remote Learning

Teachers and pupils can attend Bedford School online through Firefly, which is The School’s Virtual Learning Environment. Microsoft Teams or other online platforms may be used to enhance lessons when and where appropriate. Where this is the case, all links will be posted as part of the Firefly task for that lesson. Teachers will continue to assess the boys and specify where and when they will be expected to submit work so that progress can be checked. Note that boys in Year 3 and Year 4 will use Google Classroom, rather than Firefly.

Teachers will plan activities that relate as closely as possible to current class content or skills. The activities will reinforce existing understanding or introduce new content as planned in regular schemes of work. Boys will be able to carry out the tasks assigned by teachers independently, including accessing the material.

Boys should follow their normal timetable, so much as is possible, and access all learning set by teachers via Firefly. Where a task is to be completed, boys should submit via Firefly (rather than email or by sharing the document) unless otherwise instructed by their teacher. If boys are unclear on the task requirements, they should email their teacher.

We understand that there may be issues with home connectivity and will be mindful of this and support boys as well as we can. There will also be differences between content in subjects; we envisage that we will learn from all that we do. And it is likely that we will need your input to help us establish what works best for you, as pupils, under these circumstances. If coursework (or other non-examination assessment) forms part of the learning activity in lessons, different arrangements may be required. Teachers will contact boys separately about this.

Tips for boys

  • Follow your normal timetable and ensure you have all the materials you require ahead of the session
  • Try to find a quiet place to work and leave your mobile ‘phone in another room
  • You should not listen to music whilst working, as most evidence shows that it actually distracts the brain from thinking and learning in all but a small number of creative tasks.
  • Interact patiently and respectfully with your teachers (and fellow students). Be mindful of the fact that this is a new situation for teachers as well as pupils.
  • Provide helpful and constructive feedback to teachers about your experiences 

In supplement to the Use of Information Technology Network Policy and Computer Use Policy the following rules and guidelines should be adhered to when learning from home.

Rules for pupils

  • Boys must only use Bedford School registered technology for school purposes, as directed by teachers.
  • Boys should only use technology at home with the permission of their parent / guardian.
  • Boys must not reveal their password to anyone.
  • Boys must be responsible for their behaviour and actions when using technology, including resources accessed and the language I use.
  • Boys must ensure that all of my communication with other boys and teachers using technology is responsible and sensible. 
  • Boys must complete and upload all prep or class learning by the deadlines directed by the teacher.
  • Boys must not deliberately browse, download, upload or forward material that could be considered offensive or illegal. If a pupil accidentally comes across any such material they should report it immediately to their teacher or parent / guardian.
  • Boys must not record or take photos of my classmates or teachers during video conferencing sessions, nor share lessons publicly.
  • Boys should understand that if using Microsoft Teams and other applications provided by the school that the lessons and their content are recorded and individual use can be monitored and logged.
  • Boys should understand that these rules are designed to help keep them safe online and that if they are not followed, school sanctions will be applied and parents / guardians contacted.

Guidance for boys on video conferencing

Some teachers may incorporate video conferencing through Microsoft Teams; remember that this is an extension of the classroom and you should conduct yourself as you would in a classroom. This includes:

  • Join Teams lessons from an environment that is quiet, safe and free from distractions ideally in a common space and within earshot of parents (and not a bedroom). A kitchen table, home office or family space is recommended.
  • Be on time for your interactive session – aim to be there 5 minutes early.   
  • Be dressed appropriately for learning in home clothes (e.g. no pyjamas, no vest tops, hats or hoods).
  • Remain attentive during sessions and ensure that you are free from distractions. You should not be using personal social media in lesson time.
  • You may wish to use headphones to listen to your teacher in online sessions if it helps to avoid distractions.

Physical Activity at Home

In line with the recommendations from the World Health Organisation, the Bedford School Physical Education Department believe that all boys should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate-to vigorous physical activity daily. This activity can include general play, games, sport, recreation or planned exercise.

With this in mind the Physical Education department will be posting (on Firefly and other platforms) age appropriate activities that will be suitable for inside the house and outside in the public domain. The aim will be to give all boys accessible, varied and enjoyable exercise options. Department members will also be available, via email and other school systems, to answer any questions or give advice around exercise, athletic development, nutrition and wellbeing.