We are always looking for new volunteers to come and help the committee with organising events during the year.  If you are interested, please contact us using the committee email addresses below.

New committee members’ appointments are made at our AGM in November.

Current Committee

NameSon's Year Group
Emma O'Dell (Chairman)
Fifth Form
Isobel Wootton-Evans (Secretary)
Fifth Form
Karen Toms (Treasurer)Fifth Form and Upper Sixth
Katherine GrovesFourth Form
Bev HammondFourth Form
Phillip HineFifth Form
Gina Inman
Year 8
Barbara Lewandowski
Fifth Form
Neil Morgan - Guild ShopYear 5 & Year 8
Shereen RahwangiFourth Form
Jane Urwin
Fifth Form
Fiona WhitemanTeacher Representative
Charlie FisherTeacher Representative