On Thursday 10th September, former members of Pemberley House met for a Pemberley Club lunch at the East India Club. The Pemberley Club was originally set up by boys who were in the House when Jack Clarke was Housemaster, but it is now open to all those that have boarded in Pemberley at any time over the years. 

The lunch was a wonderful occasion, and the current Pemberley Housemaster, Henry Taylor, updated those present on the House, whilst the Head Master James Hodgson joined the group after the lunch. In attendance were Anthony Bartlett (41-50), Shirley Bartlett, Sandy Gray (59-64), President OB Club, Anthony Bevan (51-57), Jeremy Buckwell (46-52), Dr Nick Dudley (49-57), Dawn Dudley, David Evans (46-51), His Hon Judge John Farnworth (44-53), Rear Admiral Robin Hogg (46-51), Robin Mackness (45-57), Bernard Palmer (52-57), Professor Andrew O’Shaughnessy (67-78), Stephen Thomas (48-52), His Hon Christopher Young (46-50). Assistant Director Gina Worboys and Director Richard Garrett of the OB Club were also at the lunch.


See photos of the event here

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