We place the highest importance on the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of our boys.

By means of our Citizenship programme, assemblies, and pastoral structures we aim to educate boys about how to maintain a healthy and balanced life and teach them who they can talk to should they need support at any time. In recent years, boys have focused on men’s health issues (including mental and physical wellbeing) as part of the annual Movember Campaign, and, in 2017, we launched the first-ever school ‘Sleep Week’, a week dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of getting good sleep in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Medical Centre

Our Medical Centre offers all boys a kind and professional service. The nursing team are available during term time from 8.15am to 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday. The School Medical Officers are local GPs from the De Parys Medical Centre. They are available in school each Tuesday and Thursday between 11.30 and 12.30pm. All boarders are registered as NHS patients at the De Parys Medical Centre upon joining Bedford School.

Medical Officers:

  • Dr Goulding SMO (other partners share the weekly sessions and Saturday covers) 


  • Jill Turner-Webb, Lead School Nurse
  • Patricia Comerford (Part-time)
  • Karen Henry (Part-time)
  • Holly Clifton (Part-time)
  • Claire Collins (Part-time)

The medical centre has a treatment room, bedroom and quiet seating area. Health screening for all new boys takes place in the medical centre and is offered upon entry to the school. This health check includes; height/weight, vision/colour vision screening, urine testing (from 13 years) and blood pressure (from 13 years). Screening results are sent to parents, including follow-up advice as required.

Medical Centre Booklet

Sports Therapy/Physiotherapy

Should boys sustain an injury during their sports sessions or matches, they are well looked after. The school offers free rehabilitation sessions for injured boys as part of their games programme. Bookings should be made via the medical centre. Additionally, a sports therapist/physiotherapist is usually available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 1.00pm and 5.00pm during term time. The current charges are £24.00 for a 45-minute initial consultation and £16.00 for each 30-minute follow-up session.

Medical Questionnaires

We ask all parents to complete a medical questionnaire for their son before he joins the school. These are then checked by the school nurse to identify any health issues. If necessary, a care plan is written in consultation with you and your son.


We offer a well-established counselling service. All boys are free to visit and talk to the School Counsellor to gain help and support during difficult times. Boys can seek help and advice on a wide range of issues. Parents can also be seen and referred to counsellors in their locality if on-going support is required.