We take pride in the fact that our teachers are multi-skilled and multi-talented; selected for what they can offer both in the classroom and beyond.  Their skills and talents ensure that we offer not only academic excellence but also a thriving and extensive extracurricular programme, which encompasses everything from Quantum Physics to Lego Construction, from Art Appreciation to Fencing.

Our teachers are committed to helping every boy to discover and develop interests and activities that will stay with them for a lifetime.  Significantly, through their interaction in these extracurricular activities staff and boys develop a special camaraderie, a deeper understanding of each other as individuals and a mutual respect; building relationships that are all so often admired and commented on by visitors to the school.

“Teaching is an act of energising. It borrows tools from a variety of places – the parents, the mentors, the facilitators, entertainer and the administrator. But the core act of teaching is never just one of these roles. Teaching is a performance art at first sight. But really, teaching is a skill that draws on various disciplines to enable and direct a transfer of energy both in and outside of the classroom.”