At Bedford School we live by our core values: integrity, responsibility, curiosity and endeavour. Providing opportunities for the personal development of every boy is a key component of the holistic education that we provide.

All boys have the benefit of an excellent pastoral network that gives them the guidance and support they need on their journey through the school. They learn habits of work and of mind that will enable them to live healthy and contented lives beyond Bedford.

We take pride in the way boys build their confidence, resilience and character during their time here; and stand strongly behind them with our abiding ethos of inclusivity and mutual respect.

A holistic education

We believe that education is about much more than academic lessons and qualifications. A boy’s happiness is likely to reside in a nurturing of his self-confidence and an ability to form good friendships with like-minded peers.  

Whether a boarder or a day pupil, all boys benefit from the strong boarding ethos at Bedford School. All boys are able (and encouraged) to take a full and active part in the opportunities that only a large and thriving boarding school can offer. Day and boarding houses are paired, participating jointly in house activities and competitions ranging from singing to water-polo, which adds to the camaraderie and sense of community that so much many visitors comment on and admire.  Boys here engage with their teachers and each other in a range of ways, building deeper connections and understanding. They benefit from an all-round, holistic education.

Our Boarding Ethos


We put the highest importance on the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of our boys. By means of our Citizenship programme, assemblies, and pastoral structures we aim to educate boys about how to maintain a healthy and balanced life, and teach them who they can talk to when things aren’t going well.