At the heart of Bedford School is a shared sense of community and belonging. Full school assemblies, bringing the whole school together, help to foster this sense of community. 

The Head Master holds two full school assemblies in the Great Hall each week – on Mondays and Fridays – each assembly starting with a hymn (the school loves singing). At the heart of each assembly is a talk to discuss matters of philosophical and moral value, based on the school’s core values of integrity, responsibility, endeavour and curiosity – extending these to consider the importance of values such as kindness, empathy, duty and respect. The aim of each assembly is to support the boys in forming a sense of self and an appreciation for what we have. Speakers will also draw on current affairs, ethical issues, our sense of shared history and, as part of our wider UK educational responsibility, ‘fundamental British values’.

In his assemblies, the Head Master shares his own values and interests, whilst also providing something of a record of weekly affairs in the school and the wider world.


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OB Noel Carrington (03-13) proved a fascinating figure for boys and staff alike when...
Head Master’s Assembly: Three Themes
Three short items today, all of which pertain to the second half of this...
Head Master’s Assembly: Class Warfare
On Friday, I was angry.  I don’t find anger a particularly endearing trait, and...


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