Boarders and day boys all benefit from the strong boarding ethos at Bedford School. The working week is longer, with Saturday school being an integral part of our set up.

This extended week affords greater time to explore the countless opportunities that just wouldn’t be possible in a day school environment. Coupled with this is the fact that the school day itself is much less frantic and evenly paced for the boys, which results in a calmer and more productive environment.

Our staff are appointed not only on their ability to teach and inspire in lessons, but also on their commitment and ability to get involved with the wider curriculum beyond the classroom. We believe passionately that the interaction between teaching staff and boys outside the classroom is what makes our school environment and community so special. We are blessed with outstanding facilities but it is the people, and the way in which they interact with the boys, who make Bedford such an excellent school.

Pastoral care is at the very heart of our boarding ethos, and our enhanced pupil/teacher relationships allow us to take this to a higher level. The bonds formed through time spent together, both inside and outside the classroom, ensure that our staff get to know the boys extremely well. Tutors and Housemasters follow each boy’s journey closely as they progress through the school, and as a result, get to know and understand the ‘whole child’ far more effectively.

It is our belief that every boy should be happy and successful, in that order, and our strong boarding ethos is fundamental to achieving this result.  

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