Upper Sixth Former, Kieran Duxbury, refused to let cancer stand in the way of his burning desire to do well in his A-Levels; studying from his hospital bed while undergoing gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Kieran was diagnosed with a cancerous pituitary tumour in December 2017, which meant he spent the majority of the academic year in hospital or recovering from treatment. Despite this, he went on to pass his A-Levels: gaining a B in Geography, B in Religious Studies and a C in Economics.

Kieran underwent four rounds of intensive chemotherapy and five consecutive weeks of exhaustive radiotherapy. Some days his body was so fatigued he would spend a solid 24-hours sleeping.

Fitting in study time was, therefore, a huge challenge. Often working from his hospital bed, Kieran took the opportunity to catch up on lessons on the days when he felt well enough to do so. Thanks to the unwavering support of his parents and elder brother, combined with the help and support from the school, he had access to the resources he needed.

Kieran told us, “My teachers kept in regular contact with me by email, phone calls and visits. They sent through weekly work and study notes, often calling me to talk through the work in their own time, such as lunchtimes and evenings.”

There were tears of happiness all round when Kieran received his results. Given the huge amount of turmoil he has undergone, to achieve these results was a tremendous achievement and means that he has secured his place at Worcester University to study Sociology.

The best news of all is that Kieran has been given the all-clear from doctors. The tumour has completely vanished and he is now officially in remission.

Kieran’s fortitude and personal strength in the face of adversity was also recognised by the school at this year’s Speech Day, where he was awarded the Andrew Lucken Award for Personal Courage.

Kieran hopes for a career in teaching or counselling, or a similar profession, where he can help others in need.

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