Huge congratulations to our Prep boys, and their teachers, on a superb Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech and Drama.  Their performances impressed everyone who was lucky enough to see them.

Special congratulations to Cameron Melly, Ben Wood and Peter Barrington who were invited back – along with three boys from the Upper School – to compete in the final gala event which just features the top 14 musicians, singers and actors from the whole Festival.


Name Position Category
Harvey Bolger 3rd Y7 Solo Poem
Ellison Hendry 2nd Y6 Prepared Reading
Austin Ward 3rd Y6 Prepared Reading
Peter Barrington 1st Shakespeare Monologue (Y8 – Y10)
James Haxell & Will Smithson 3rd Duologue (Y8 – Y10)
Rohan BP, Rohan Jacob, Max Sogan & Jack Davis 3rd Radio Play (all ages)
Carlos MB, Henry Tyrer & Divine 2nd Radio Play (all ages)
Will Reddy 2nd Y4 Solo Poem
Sarmukh Hundal 2nd Y5 Prepared Reading
Max Sogan 3rd Y7 Solo Poem
Rohan Jacob 1st Y7 Solo Poem
Reis Fernadez 3rd Y3 Prepared Reading
Arthur Polhill 1st Y3 Prepared Reading
William Hayward 2nd Y3 Solo Poem
Edward Mathew-Jones 3rd Y7 Prepared Reading
Finlay Cummings 1st Presentation
Dominic Russell-Smith 3rd Dramatic Solo (Y5 – Y7)
Wilfred Barker 2nd Dramatic Solo (Y5 – Y7)
Ben Wood & Cameron Melly 1st Duologue (Y5 – Y7)
Rowan Bascetta-Pollitt & Jack Davis 3rd Duologue (Y5 – Y7)
Matthew Stewart 2nd Y8 Solo Poem
Elliott Rossington 2nd Own written Story
Y4 Group 2 3rd Group Poem
Oscar Hudson 3rd Self Written Poem
Thomas Deardon 3rd Y5 Solo Poem
Mrinssnk Chilkoti 3rd Y6 Solo Poem
James Deardon 1st Y6 Solo Poem
Martin Rosende 3rd Y4 – Y6 Own Poem
Robert Parrish 3rd Y4 – Y6 Own Poem
Murray Silk 2nd Y4 – Y6 Own Poem
Ethan Whitlock 1st Prepared Reading
James Deardon, Mrinaank Chilkoti & Austin Ward 3rd Group Poem
Murray Silk, Rob Parrish & Marton Rosende 2nd Group Poem
Peter Barrington 1st Song in language other than English
Jack O’Donovan 1st Chorister
Peter Barrington  1st Treble Voice
Peter Barrington 1st Musical Theatre Y9 and under
Nathaniel Otley 1st Woodwind Grade 1
Samuel Corner 2nd Woodwind Grade 1
Archie McLean 3rd Woodwind Grade 1
Christopher Sporton  3rd Woodwind Grade 2
Oscar Hudson  3rd Woodwind Grade 4
Elliott Sell 3rd Woodwind Grade 5

Well done to each and every boy on their outstanding achievement.

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