Rapturous applause could be heard as the curtain slowly came down on our summer term series of online talks.  Current Prep School parent, Partha Dey, who is one of only 4,000 to have summitted Everest, provided unique insight into the mental and physical challenges of scaling 29,000 feet of rock and ice.  Footage from his mobile, showed him edging across deep crevasses in sub-zero temperatures and howling winds, while sleeping in tents precariously placed on the side of the mountain.  Paying tribute to the Sherpas, he explained how they regularly carry sixty-kilo bags of supplies in the most inhospitable of conditions, all done with a big smile.     

Elation was finally etched deep in his face as he sat on top of the world, marvelling at the view, that very few have experienced.  Marriage, a young family, and a growing business have meant that Partha has temporarily hung up his crampons for a slightly less adventurous life, although none of us will be surprised if, at a later date, he sets off on a new adventure.

Our thanks to Partha for ending our season of talks on such a high note.       

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