Old Bedfordians and guests from Southern Scotland & Northern England gathered on the 7th October at the Annandale Arms in Moffat. Kindly organised by DVP for the area, Alastair Harding (69-73), a superb lunch was enjoyed by all and guests were, as usual, treated royally. There was much animated conversation ranging far and wide, including copious reminiscences in respect of Redburn and Paulo Pontine.

Alastair welcomes all OBs who are in and around the area to join them at their gatherings, including those from the central belt. “We can promise them the trip is well worth it! Alternatively, they could set up a meet in the central belt? Scotland is, after all, rather a large area!”. Contact details for Alastair and other DVPs can be found on our website.

L-R: Alastair Harding, Phil Appleby (71-76), Kazi Appleby, Nicola Laws, Deborah Harding, Martin Young (41-48) & Peter Laws (54-59).

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