On a bright, frosty morning, OBs,  partners and guests gathered at Sporting Targets in Riseley, just north of Bedford, for a ‘shoot out’. 

Split into two teams, all team members had the opportunity to shoot at five different stands.  With clays coming at them from all directions, everyone had to have their wits about them.

The teams were split as follows;

  • Team one – Peter Battle (68-72), Alistair Miller (77-82) and Sheena Miller, Richard Cooper (57-68), John Cooper (55-63) and Julie Hill
  • Team two – Tim Furbank (82-87), James Godber (82-87), Mike Spencer (82-87), Bruno Reddy (88-98), George Adams (08-13) and Gina Worboys

After a valiant effort, Team two were the eventual victors with Tim Furbank and John Cooper tying for first place with 27/40 clays. 

Following an exhausting (and bruising) morning, the teams retired for lunch to the clubhouse. 

See photos here

If you would like to organise something similar in your area, please contact us at obclub@bedfordschool.org.uk.

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