We are delighted to report that our annual OB Club Sports Weekend was a great success. This year, we ‘kicked-off’ on the Friday with a thoroughly enjoyable curry night. On the Saturday and Sunday, over 70 OBs then took on the boys at squash, rifle shooting, fives, hockey and football. Many thanks to all those who came and helped make it such a great event!


Graham Saunders (58-64) reported on fives:

“The Old Bedfordians fielded a strong team of eight players against the School.  This is always likely to be the case since, being a minority sport (though pursued keenly by those who play), it is only the better players who continue to keep it up when they leave School.  Experience is also a key factor, and the OBs have this in abundance!

The School side is extremely enthusiastic under its master, Michael Croker, and the standard of play was high, thought the scores did not really reflect this.

The 1st Four match was won 120 points to 72 and the 2nd Four match by 132 to 38, reflecting the OB’s strength in depth, making an overall score of 252 to 110.

A very enjoyable and social time was had by all and I wish to thank all the OB team for turning out, and Michael for organizing the day for us.  We look forward to returning for next year’s contest.”

OB fives side: Graham Saunders, Chris Davey (04-13), Ali Jones (02-13), Logan Jones (06-17), Dan Sorensen (04-13), Stuart Endersby (62-69), Martin Wilkinson (54-64) and James Wood (06-13).


Will Johnson (05-10) reported on hockey:

“A warm sunny spring day at the Gordon Fields was the setting for a 12-goal thriller between the OB XI and the School. A stark contrast to the snowed-off affair of 2018, a broad selection of OBs (1986 – 2018 leavers) played some, at times, flawless hockey to compete with one of the finest School XIs for many years.

A 10am push back startled some of the younger OBs, and older school boys, after an early morning sightseeing around the centre of Bedford. However, the pace soon picked up and the OBs converted an early chance to lead 1-0. The flood gates opened, and a closely contested first half ended with the OBs 5-4 to the good.

The game opened up in the second half as the OBs’ fitness started to tell. The goals didn’t flow quite as freely, but, the School team rallied and took the lead at 6-5. The experience on the OB side showed, as some patient hockey led to an equaliser a few minutes before full time. The game ended an impressive 6-6.

A massive thank you to all the OBs who gave up their Sundays to play. A particular mention goes to the Spencer family that contributed 3 members from 2 generations to the team, and all those that travelled from far corners of the UK to come and play. Hopefully, see you all again next year!”

OB hockey side: Will Johnson, George Adams (08-13), Dylan Tanna (05-13), Ed Johnson (06-17), Tom Stewart (08-17), Oliver Hind, (06-17) Oliver Thrasher (08-17), Grant Lawrence (05-14) , Ben Spencer (07-14), Doug Spencer (81-86), Sam Spencer (07-12), Tom Parry (09-18), Alfie Orchard (13-18), James Oakley (91-02), James Stroomer (08-13)and Neil Guess (93-04).


Daniel Walker reported on football:

“The conditions were considerably better than l snow covered pitches of the year before, but perhaps the pitches played the same way!

Although we surrendered the Baker Walker Cup to the School, losing on penalties 4-3, after a 3-3 draw, this year’s game broke some more records….Marcus Thomas, now becoming the oldest OB to play football at the School and Enrico Cormano getting the first yellow card!

Many thanks to all those that took time out to attend our annual match. Hope to see you next year, to get the Cup back!”

OB football side: Daniel Walker (81-85), Toby Walker (08-13), Enrico Cormano (99-10), Will Robertson (01-10), Harith Aldegather (05-10), Oli Kearey (99-10), James Attias (99-10), Will Barrett (07-17), Charley O’Keefe (09-16), Victor Hardwick (11-16), Daniel O’Connor (99-09), Marcus Thomas (76-81), Ben Cawood (04-10), Michael Ianiri (92-03), Julian Kitson (10-15), Phil Salveson (05-10) and Daniel Chellew (02-09).

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