Thank you to everybody who took part in the annual OB Club Sevens on Saturday 10th September. Despite wet conditions and some last minute drop outs everybody had a lot of fun, played some good quality rugby, and enjoyed catching up with fellow OBs. It was particularly kind of those who took part in the morning when they were also playing a Club fixture in the afternoon, what it is to be young!

Each team played three matches and the overall tournament winners were the ‘Red’ team, made up of Will Knight (98-09), Harry Beale (98-09), Dan Jackson (03-09), Alex Schoenenberger (00-09), Dan O’Connor (99-09), Doug Worboys (98-09), Harry Peck (97-08), Ben Johnson (97-07) and Stephan Cooksammy. A special mention should go to Ben Johnson who was the most senior player on the field, but showed that he had not lost any of his old form. It was also good to see all three Carter brothers, Luke (06-12), Zach (06-14) and Jake (06-16) playing – the clash of the brothers added an extra dimension to the tournament!

Thank you to Chris Elliot for refereeing all the games and to the support of the Sports and Grounds Departments, without their help this event would not be possible. Many thanks too to Chris Williams (68-79), Chairman of the Club, who helped put on the tournament and awarded the prizes. We hope that OBs will dust off their boots and join us again next year.

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