On a warm sunny day, after an enjoyable lunch where the players were joined by Craig Mitchell (64-74), Chairman of the OB Club, and Anthony Ormerod (47-57) President of the OB Golf Society, ‘battle’ commenced on the Marquess Course at Woburn Golf Club where the OB’s were defending the honours they had held for the previous two years.

The School, however, had different ideas and turned up with a very strong team consisting mainly of golf scholars – including seven players with handicaps of seven or lower – one of whom had won a major County Junior competition just the previous day!

The OB Team had a number of new (and younger) players as well as several with Halford Hewitt experience and set off with serious determination to retain the honours – all was going well when the first game saw a half point to each side. Games three and four brought further success for the older generation but sadly this could not be maintained as the School team squeaked home by 3.5 to 2.5 after a win in the last game.

There were the usual claims about ‘dodgy’ handicaps and ‘lucky putts’ but, in the end, the OBs admitted that the better team won – however, there is always next year!

This was also Mr Monaghan’s last fixture as Master in Charge of School Golf before moving to pastures new in North London so well done to him for nurturing such a strong team and well done to the boys for letting him leave with a victory.

The individual match results were as follows:

Josh Taylor (05-16) and Michael Spencer (82-87) halved with Harry Brown and Wilbur Collier.

Tim Martin (11-17) and John Cartwright (59-65) lost to Finlay Cummins and Jack Peters

Jeremy Woodrow (83-93) and Chris Johnson (66-75) beat Lawrence Jefferys and Freddy Sowerby

George Wilson (03-10) and Jim Black (73-82) beat Wilf Rush and Charlie Carey

Seb Wren (02-12) and Jo Bennett (95-06) lost to Alex Robins and Shaun Thomas

Matt Emery (96-06) and Ben Hanglin (98-05) lost to “M” and William Mowe.

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