We are pleased to announce that we now have our first ever DVP for Serbia. After completing the IB programme at Bedford School, Chris Stokey (10-14) had the opportunity to take a gap year in Belgrade, with the intention of going on to university the following year. However, he liked the place so much that he changed his plans, deciding to stay in Serbia and complete the CELTA teaching course to become a qualified English teacher.

After spending some time learning about the culture, and working in both international and language schools, he decided to set up his own school providing language teaching to students of all ages. When asked about his experience, Chris commented, “It’s a fairly difficult task to start a business, especially in a foreign country, but it is very rewarding and I have found the Serbian system to be supportive of business, especially in the area of education.  Belgrade provides rich history and culture and a friendly atmosphere with a bohemian feel to shops and restaurants. There are interesting places to visit and the people are very down-to-earth.”

Welcome to the team Chris! If you are based in Serbia or plan on visiting, please do get in touch with him at chrisstokey30@gmail.com

As a club, we are very fortunate to have an extensive link of DVPs (District Vice Presidents) both in the UK and across the globe. These are volunteers who are local representatives of the Club, giving advice, making introductions and organising events for local and visiting OBs and their families. Find your nearest DVP here.

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