We are looking for OBs and parents to join with OBs to share their career experiences at the OB Careers Fair on Wednesday 1st March 2017 – it is an informal occasion to chat to boys and answer questions.

In past years we have been delighted with the range of careers represented, and feedback from the boys is always fantastic – they get a lot of enthusiasm and advice from this evening. A reception is held in the Memorial Hall before the Careers Fair kicks off.

Would you like to encourage young people to consider your profession, perhaps you might like to take part? If you are an Old Bedfordian, please fill in this form (you will need to log in – or register if you have not done this before, which may take 24 hours or longer over weekends or School holidays).

If you are a current or past parent (and not an Old Bedfordian), please fill in this form instead. Thank you very much for your ongoing support, and we will be in touch.

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