To conclude their work on the Industrial Revolution and to introduce boys to their Y9 geography topic of sustainability, Y8 will be enjoying a day at Cadbury World on Monday 1st July. Boys must come to school in normal school summer uniform. We will leave school at 8:40am promptly and we hope to arrive back to school by 5pm. This means that arrangements for your son to be collected or to take the late bus home will need to be made. We will keep parents informed through the BPS Travel page on twitter and we would recommend you to follow us.
We would also like to remind you that
•           Boys who suffer from hayfever should ensure they have taken their medication before coming to school.
•           The boys should bring waterproofs if it’s raining and put sun cream on and wear hats if it’s hot
•           Boys should please remember to bring a water bottle and a snack to eat before starting the tour (packed lunches will be provided)
•           Boys can bring mobile phones to contact home at the end of the day, but these must be off during the day and are their responsibility to look after. No other electronic items are allowed. We hope they enjoy the day.

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