On Friday 11th January during periods 1 and 2 the Y8 boys will all sit the Bedford School Aptitude Test (BSAT). Underlying ability and potential is assessed via the BSAT. It is not a test of knowledge but is designed to identify a student’s intelligence, processing capacity and working memory. The test is taken online at Bedford School. Boys who perform particularly well on the BSAT will be invited back for further academic scholarship testing and an interview prior to us selecting scholarship recipients. Boys who have applied for Music, Sport, Art or Drama Scholarships will be required to attend separate assessment days for each area applied for.

FAMILIARISATION MATERIALS AND SAMPLE PAPERS can be found here. The familiarisation materials and past papers are available to parents and candidates in advance of the assessments and we advise that all candidates should preview the ‘look and feel’ of the assessments, prior to taking the tests.

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