An additional opportunity to visit the Observatory and Planetarium has been arranged for Monday 29th January. This is to accommodate those boys who were unable to attend on one of the occasions last term. Therefore priority will be given to boys who did not visit last term.

There is a sign-up sheet on the door to WS2. Boys should check they are able to attend and then add their name to the list. There will be a planetarium slide show and an opportunity to ask questions. If the weather is suitable, the boys will also be able to observe through various telescopes including the main observatory instrument. Please ensure the boys have suitable (warm) clothing. We will assemble outside the Wells Building after school and then the boys will be accompanied up past Chapel and will access the observatory from the gates halfway down Pemberley Avenue (next to Phillpotts boarding house). Please pick the boys up from these gates too, at around 5.45pm. (Boys who are not collected at 5.45pm will be taken back down to the PS).


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