The summer term assessments will take place in a few weeks’ time for boys in Y5-8. Please see the Y5 timetable here and the Y6-8 timetable here. Subject teachers will give boys details regarding what and how to revise, and Firefly is also a good source of information. Tutors can provide a paper copy of the timetables for boys. Boys is Y6-8 will sit these assessments in the EMH and most boys tell us that they like this. Y5 will sit just their Maths test in the EMH, to get them ready for Y6, and the rest will take place during lessons. Please can you check that your son has a clear plastic bag containing his pencil, ruler etc, and boys can take their calculators if needed into most exams. We also ask that they have some tissues and they may bring a bottle of water too. Please see here a link to further information on our streaming and setting policy and some assessment preparation tips.

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