A Spring half-term grade report will be published on the parents portal next week. It will contain your son’s results in the recent Mid-year assessments in all examined academic subjects. The median percentage mark for each subject is also provided in order to give a broad indication of your son’s position relative to the year group as a whole.

You will already have received the individual results from your son by the time you receive the report. However, this is an official publication for you to be able to look at all results together in order to get a fuller picture of his performance.  

Parents are strongly encouraged to discuss this report with their son in order to monitor progress, give praise where praise is due and to assist him to set higher aspirational targets where needed. If you would like further information about a specific assessment and/or subject, please contact the relevant teacher directly.

The End of Spring Term Report will be released just before the Easter break and will include their involvement in extra-curricular activities and a comment from their form tutor. At this point all pupils will have had their termly meeting with their tutor for an individual academic mentoring session. During the meeting, your son and his tutor will have discussed what has gone well, what he is pleased about and areas he could improve. 

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