Tutors and teachers of all subjects look forward to meeting with parents next week to discuss their son’s progress at school. You may be aware that Parents’ Evenings for Years 5 to 8 use an appointments system whereby parents pre-book fixed 5 minute appointments with each teacher. This works well for these year groups as any given teacher tends to teach any given boy for only one subject. Things are different in Years 3 and 4, where tutors teach boys in their forms for multiple subjects. It is likely that 5 minutes may not be quite enough for conversations with tutors, whereas, with some other subject teachers, 5 minutes will actually be much more than is necessary for this age group. Needless to say, every teacher that you may wish to see will make themselves available to you for ample time, but please do bear the above in mind as you move from teacher to teacher, in order to maintain a sensible pace and flow to overall proceedings. This might be especially pertinent in cases where your son is taught for particular subjects (e.g. RE or Computer Science) by a teacher who is also a Form Tutor to different boys.

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