Parents are warmly invited to the Year 3 Parents’ Evening on Monday 26th February. Please note the following information.
– The event will take place in the EMH and will commence at 4.30pm.
– Your son’s form tutor plus all of his other subject teachers will be in attendance for you to speak with about his progress.  
– There will not be a pre-arranged appointment system. You are encouraged to circulate freely between teachers and are requested to arrive no later than 6.00pm.
– Having had parent-tutor meetings with your son’s form tutor last term, a key aim of this second Parents’ Evening is for you to meet the other subject teachers for the first time.
– On arrival, you will be provided with a list of your son’s teachers. Teachers’ locations in the hall will be clearly signposted.
– In order to avoid frustrating queues, please keep conversations with any teacher to a maximum of five minutes. This is especially important with form tutors who you may, understandably, be especially keen to spend time with. If necessary, arrangements can be made to continue the conversation at another time. Hopefully communication on an ongoing basis with form tutors has been such that there will be no real surprises.
– Following last term’s end of term written reports, you will receive assessment marks for Maths and English plus thorough written form tutor comments at the end of this term. You will also receive the usual End of Unit reflection and assessment sheets for Science and Topic.
– The “open plan” nature of this event in the EMH, in contrast to the meetings last term in separate classrooms, makes this occasion slightly less formal. For example, everyone will predominantly be stood up and teachers will not have pupils’ books to hand.

We look forward to seeing you and we hope you will find the evening to be very purposeful. If you are unable to attend, we would be grateful if you could inform your son’s tutor in advance. There is no need to confirm attendance if you will be coming

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