To reward the boys for all their hard work in French this year, we are holding a Y3-4 French morning on Thursday. Normal timetable will be suspended for the morning and instead boys will participate in a variety of linguistic, cultural and physical French-themed activities. The boys will also have a traditional French breakfast upon their arrival. We would like the boys to come to school dressed in either the French colours of blue, white and red, or as a famous French person. Think Louis Pasteur, Toulouse Lautrec, Jacques Cousteau or perhaps a French chef! We have even had a remarkable Eiffel Tower costume in the past! Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes in each year group. Afternoon lessons will be as normal, so the boys should still remember to bring their games kit into school. We do hope that your son will enjoy this opportunity to further practise his language skills and to gain an insight into a range of French cultural activities.

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