IB2, A Level and GCSE Study Leave Rules

  1. There is full Examination/Study Leave for all boys taking Public Exams from the dates advertised. Full details can be found Here
  2. Boys are expected to know the times of their examinations and must arrive at School in good time for the start of their examinations.
  3. GCSE and A Level Exams will take place in the Sports Hall unless otherwise stated on the Examination Timetable. IB Exams take place in the Memorial Hall.
  4. Boys are expected to attend instrumental music lessons, ESOL lessons and Academic Support lessons and to fulfil any Games or Team commitments throughout Study Leave unless arrangements are made in advance with the master in charge.
  5. Boys will be registered in the Exam Room.
  6. In line with Exam Board regulations, mobile phones and all watches are not permitted in the Examination Room and should be left at home or at the Bell Room.
  7. Boys may only bring into the Exam Room a clear plastic pencil case containing the equipment permitted in that particular exam and a bottle of water in a clear, unlabelled No food is permitted in the Examination Room (unless there is a medical justification and permission has been sought in advance).
  8. Boys must wear School Uniform for all Examinations.
  9. Any questions about the use of laptops in Examinations and/or extra time by those boys who are eligible should be directed to Mrs Spir.
  10. Any other questions about the Examinations should be directed to Mrs Martin-Merchant (GCSE, AS and A2 Level), Mrs Murray (IB), or visit the Exams page on Firefly here

When not in an examination:


If you are not taking an exam but wish to work/revise, please note that you have the following options:


  1. To be working at home/in your boarding house
  2. To work in Department Study areas or classrooms around the school (if not being used for teaching,

and with the permission of staff)

  1. To be in the School Library (subject to there being space available)
  2. To use one of the school’s computer rooms if you require a computer


Any boy coming into school to revise, at any time, MUST ensure they register at the Bell Room, and also sign out at the Bell Room if they are leaving the school site before the normal end of the school day.


If you are working in school (e.g. Library or Department area) then you must be wearing school uniform. You will not be permitted entry to these school areas if you are not appropriately dressed. Please note that if you choose to work in the Library Period 5, you will only be allowed to leave for lunch at 12.30 p.m.


If you do not intend to work, you may go to the Café Bar (subject to availability) or your Day or Boarding House:


Day Boys:         if you do not intend to work, you may go to your Day House

Boarders:          please follow the normal study leave expectations as directed by your Housemaster


The Main School Library or Department Study Areas should not be used as Common Rooms during the Exam Period (i.e. places to chat and relax). Boys in the Library and Department Study Areas when not in exams will be expected to work diligently and quietly throughout the Examination Period. You will be asked to go to your respective Houses if you are not able to maintain quiet in these areas of the school.


Please help each other during the Exam Period by observing these rules. These rules are designed to give you all the best possible environment for success in your exams.  


Alastair Tighe

Deputy Head (Academic)

April 2017



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